Therapy Guidelines

It is our pleasure at Building Blocks Pediatric Therapy to provide therapy services to your child. Home Exercise Programs and other suggested activities at home is a critical and necessary part of our services for your child to succeed. We required all our therapists to give parent/guardian education when providing services to our patients. It is essential for the parent/guardian to be involved in the child's treatment plan for goals and achievements to be made.

Please review the following Therapy Guidelines:

  • For the safety and liability of the child, the parent/Guardian agrees to stay on the premises while the child is receiving therapy. This will also allow the therapist to involve the parent/guardian as needed in the child's therapy for parent education and hands on participation.
  • The parent/guardian agrees to cancel a scheduled treatment appointment by calling the office, if fever, vomiting, or diarrhea has occurred within the previous 24 hours.
  • The parent/guardian agrees to contact the office if they are going to be late for the schedule treatment appointment. If the patient is more than 10 minutes late, we will be unable to provide services, and the visit will be considered a no show.
  • To keep a reoccurring appointment on your therapist's schedule, we require an attendance show rate of 75% or better. If your child's show rate falls below 75%, we will notify the referring physician, and the child can be removed from the schedule at the discretion of Building Blocks Pediatric Therapy.
  • Following 2 no shows, the child will be removed from the schedule and a notification of non-compliance will be sent to the referring physician. Services may be resumed at the discretion of Building Blocks Pediatric Therapy following communication from the parent/guardian. We consider a "no show" to be any appointment not cancelled within 2 hours of the scheduled appointment time.