Initial Evaluation

What should I bring to the initial evaluation?

Make sure to bring your insurance card as we will need a copy for your child's file. If your child is receiving therapy services in the school district, please bring a copy of his or her IEP. Not only is this a requirement for insurance, but it also allows the evaluating therapist to see what your child is currently targeting in the school district.

What should I do when I arrive to my child's initial evaluation appointment?

When arriving to your appointment, check your child in at the front desk. The front desk staff will ask to see your insurance card so they can make a copy for the child's file. After checking in, the front desk will give you some initial paperwork to fill out so we can have a better understanding of your child. Questions in this initial paperwork includes items such as medical history, background history, concerns, developmental milestone achievement, etc. To fill this paperwork out ahead of time, you can download a copy of it here.

What can I expect in an evaluation?

The evaluating therapist will transition you and your child to a private treatment room or gym space for interviewing and participation in standardized assessments. While the therapist will address your specific concerns primarily during the evaluation, we believe it is best practice to provide a comprehensive assessment to ensure age-appropriate skills in all related areas. Depending on the age of the child, your child's evaluation will be completed using a variety of methods including parent interview, play, specific questioning of the child, completion of gross motor/fine motor activities, etc. The evaluating therapist will explain each step of the evaluation to you to ensure comfort and understanding.

How long will it take?

An initial evaluation typically takes one hour to complete. However, please keep in mind that this is an estimate and the duration of evaluation is subject to change based on the child.

When will I know results? When will I schedule therapy?

The evaluating therapist will discuss the results with you either immediately following the evaluation or within the week. We make our assessment for therapeutic need based off standardized assessment scores and professional judgment. After reviewing the child's scores, strengths, and weaknesses, the therapist will provide her recommendation for therapy services. Upon this recommendation, the therapist will work with you to schedule your child a consistent therapy appointment.

How long after the initial evaluation before we can begin treatment?

The evaluating therapist will write a comprehensive evaluation report and plan of care following the evaluation summarizing her findings. This plan of care must be signed off by the child's pediatrician before beginning intervention. Our office will contact you as soon as we are able to begin your child's treatment. We strive to be as efficient as we can with our paperwork to allow your child to begin therapy as soon as possible.